Country: Hungary

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) was founded in 1782, and is one of the largest higher educational institutions in engineering in Central Europe. The university holds an international reputation for excellence in engineering. The involvement of companies in longer term research projects, the joint planning of appropriate research directions and communicating the latest international scientific technological developments to the industry is also essential.

The Group of High Voltage Technology and Equipment of Department of Electric Power Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics is interested in topics of high voltage technology, lightning research and protection, live-line maintenance (LLM) etc. Besides the education at BME, the main activities of the Group of High Voltage Technology and Equipment in the High Voltage Laboratory are related to diagnostic examination, certification, research, development and other electrical industrial work commissioned by industry partners.
The Power System and Environment Group are long-time, landscape-shaping partners of local industry, since early stages of electrification through the construction of the 750 kV line up to today’s „Smart” era. Local partners include: TSO, DSOs, Hungarian Energy Agency, power plants (incl. Paks NPP), local companies/factories of multinational companies (GE Hungary, Siemens), railways, energy traders, planning and projecting companies, Hungarian relay protection, substation automation device manufacturer, SCADA system developer, etc.. The Group’s main strengths in power systems topics (network analysis, measurement technology and lab background) and related border areas would place us as ideal candidates for complementing IT related projects in electric energy systems. Staff of the Group includes Life Fellow and Senior Members of IEEE, CIGRE, ITU, VDE, CENELEC.
The Group of High Voltage Technology and Equipment has experience in developing diagnostic expert systems and has a patented method for the risk assessment of lightning protection (probability modulated attractive space method, PMAS). Preventive lightning protection is also one of the most important novel development of the Group regarding to risk analysis of non-conventional protective methods. The main goals of the Group of High Voltage Technology and Equipment are the theoretical and practical education of the future high current and insulation technology electrical engineers, the development of high voltage equipment, and the research and improvement of new methods, which can be used in high voltage technology. High Voltage Laboratory has numerous co-operations with TSOs, DSOs and industrial partners.
BME will contribute in the Demo area “Peer-to-peer trading” especially in “Asset-enabled local markets” to formulate the marketplace and to adapt market mechanisms, to develop the Integrated asset condition management system (IACMS) and to specify demonstration scenarios.
BME will also be involved in the Demo Area “Pan-EU clearing market”, especially in “Spatial Aggregation of Local Flexibility” to formulate the introduction of spatial dimension into wholesale markets, to develop a holistic mathematical formulation for optimal market outcomes and to specify demonstration scenarios.