Country: Slovenia
C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana is a specialized company in the area of engineering for power supply and control systems. The company operations are divided into three organizational departments that share research and development, marketing, and business operations.
Engineering is the company’s core business. Successful operations with power, transmission and distribution companies have encouraged the management to present the engineering projects also to other infrastructure customers (gas, railway, and mine industry) and foreign markets. The products and services department is focused on the development and sales of products and services, which are based on in-house research and development. Products and services were developed because of the needs and experience identified in engineering projects. The company’s products and services encompass production, supplier supervision, installation and start-up of products in the field, and various service activities. In the area of specialized products for monitoring temperature of overhead transmission and distribution lines the company is one of the leading producers in the international market.
The company is active in smart grids and producer of device to discovering the location of the conductor interruption, which in some cases is very difficult to detect, for example, when the conductors are isolated or interrupted conductors fall on the surface that is not conductive or are interrupted in the air. In these cases, the electric current between the interrupted conductor and the earth is not big enough to operate using conventional electrical protection (e.g., long line, poor contact with the earth due to insulation on the conductors, due to the rock substrate, dry sand, asphalt, etc.). IN that case is used the sensor Advanced LISA and the protective system with sensors mounted on the poles along the medium-voltage line.
The wholesale department is specialized in marketing products of Slovene and foreign producers in domestic and foreign markets for the needs of electric power industry, industrial and installation organizations.
In 2007, the company established a Research Institute in order to enhance the development process for products and services. Since the company operations are diversified into many fields, the quality assurance system is supported by different standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 10CFR50 Appendix B), which is also the company’s strategic and competitive advantage.
The company places a considerable emphasis on strict project management. Therefore the control procedures for standard quality assurance are applied to all projects in order to constantly monitor safety, quality and progress. The quality of the entire business is crucial to the successful long- term business performance of the organisation.
Without proper device management and network information, it is impossible to operate a multi-level layer market framework. The task is to collect technical information about the existing assets and aging functions. The needed sensor units and measurements are provided by C&G based on its experience in the field.