Location: Bulgaria


Description: With RES development, TSO and DSO are facing various difficulties to hold system security and both need flexibility services for their network operation. However, when procuring flexibility services from DSO connected resources, some potential conflict may arise, e.g. transparency in data exchange and transactions, who should have right to control what, or use resources. A traffic light system for DSO was introduced, but it is not evident in reality. On the other hand, in order to have a business case, the service providers must have right to sell to where they can maximize gaining.
This demo will is to provide an intelligent platform (EFLEX) with blockchain-based technology, which is scalable to be applicable in whole Europe, allowing trading of flexibility services among prosumers TSO and DSO. Adopt blockchain technology as a means for secure, reliable and transparent cooperating agreements and information sharing exploiting its decentralized approach. Within this task a common structure of rules will be set, based on Balancing network code, the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) guideline. This demo is going to test a prototype for the TSO-DSO flexibility market with blockchain based, smart contract and smart billing. A 3-phase approach will be pursued to enhance a prototype for flexibility market with blockchain based, smart contract and smart billing, as follows: (a) development of a custom prototype where basic use cases can be simulated and where market players are invited to test, (b) evolution to a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), capturing the fundamental functions and architecture of the platform and (c) initiation of a continuous growth cycle by checking the use cases of the different players (Prosumers, TSO and DSO), the transparency in data and control and by validating the correctness of transactions (in the market/procurement process) and the transaction capacity, automatic level and speeds of market/procurement process. Sub-tasks include setting-up technical requirements and flexibility market arrangements for the test case, enhancing a prototype for flexibility market with blockchain based, including proof of concept, and demonstrating TSO-DSO procurement for flexibility.

Objectives and Expected outcomes

  • The objective is to demonstrate a flexibility market platform with block chain based, smart contract and smart billing, also to provide facility for system operators
  • A reliable platform, where TSOs, DSOs and market players come together and trade flexibility services in a transparent and cost-effective manner