Country: Romania
Distributie Energie Oltenia (Romania) SA is a joint-stock company, 99,99999861% of which are owned by CEZ, a.s., Czech Republic, and 0,00000139% by other minority shareholders - legal entities and individuals (CPD – CEZ Poland Distribution). The corporate headquarters are in Craiova, 97 Calea Severinului. CEZ Group is present in Romania starting with September 2005. Since the acquisitions of 51% of Electrica Oltenia (one of the 8 traditional distribution companies). The company has distribution license for 7 counties: Dj, Ag, Tr, Gj, Mh, Vl, and Olt. The restructuring was aimed at optimizing the activity of the company, improving its management and thus achieving higher efficiency. This was planned to result in higher quality of customer service in all South Romania and in the introduction of consistent policy for the electricity network maintenance and development. DEO - created further to the unbundling process (March 2007).
On January 01, 2017, with a decision of ANRE, the company was renamed to Distributie Energie Oltenia SA.
June 2010 - according to the legislation in force, CEZ D shareholders changed by cession of one share from CEZ a.s. to CEZ Poland Distribution.
April 2011 - CEZ Distributie becomes a two-tier company.
Starting 2005, DISTRIBUTIE ENERGIE OLTENIA, a dynamic company, implements added value initiatives every year:
2009: Completion of Progress IV project; Unique shareholder: CEZ buy the rest of CEZ Distributie shares from Electrica; Metering Small Clients Externalization;
2010: Launch distribution efficiency improvement program (DEEP); Site supervision externalization;
2011: Concentrate efforts on energy losses reduction (launch losses & NTL projects); Externalization of minor maintenance;
2012: Launch Distributie optimization program; Losses reduction program
2013: Lifecycle process revision; Losses reduction program; Implementation of losses concept;
2014: Improvement in losses reduction; Metering Big Clients Externalization; Implementation of new Assets Management concept
2015: Start Smart transformation; Increase/ decrease DEO capital; NOM Standardization;
2016-2017: Ongoing Smart transformation; NTL internalization; Fair Regulation; Regulatory strategy update; Distribution activities sourcing
The company operates in South Romania and covers an area of 29 500 sq. km. The area operated by Distributie Energie Oltenia SA has 1 428 850 residents.
Scope of activity:
- Operation and management of the electricity distribution network, consisting of MV, LV and HV electricity power lines and electricity systems, which is used for transmission and distribution of electric power in order to supply electricity to supplier companies;
- Construction of new electricity distribution and metering systems and maintenance of the operated facilities and equipment.
- The company executes its activity in line with the energy legislation and the related legal provisions.
Quality management: Certificate EN ISO 9001:2008
DEO is the DSO company in Romania and will provide operator’s perspective for the system design architecture. It will also contribute with data and demo integration with the Bulgarian distribution grid.