Country: Belgium
EMAX is a business consultancy firm specializing in the electricity sector and consists of high-level experts in the field of market integration, planning, research and innovation of transmission and distribution systems. EMAX is a bridge between R&D excellence and business realization. Its mission is to help customers to maximize their core competence and resources, apply best practices and translate R&D initiatives into business applications efficiently.
The EMAX team relies on highly experienced former ENTSO-E senior advisors and from big industries with a broad view on the European energy network and a deep understanding of European research and innovation activities. EMAX members have amassed value adding experience throughout the energy value chain from actively participating in daily TSO operations and maintenance activities to contributing to European energy policy development.  Through their support of the ENTSO-E Market, System Development and Research & Innovation Committees EMAX experts bring an added dimension of integrated thinking to projects.  This type of joined up thinking, linking R&D, planning, market and operations activities, is essential for businesses to sustain growth throughout a Fourth Industrial Revolution characterized by cyber physical systems and the internet of things.
Specific project experience includes the definition of a regulatory framework to enable super grid with the eHighway project, the implementation of elements of the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management Network Code and leading work packages in the Gridplus, VSYNC, MetaPV, Offshoregrid projects.
Within INTERRFACE project, EMAX will lead the WP6 demo on peer-to-peer and will be the task leader of Task 4.3 on Blockchain. EMAX is also involved in other WPs and tasks and will contribute its expertise towards the success of the project.