Innovation, Dissemination & Exploitation Manager
Country: Belgium

ENTSO-E is the official interface between the EU and transmission system operators. It was established and given legal mandates by the EU’s Third Legislative Package for the Internal Energy Market in 2009, which aims at further liberalizing the gas and electricity markets in the EU. ENTSO-E gathers 41 members and one observer member across 35 countries. ENTSO-E members serve half a billion customers linking power generation to distribution systems and large industrial customers, and countries to countries. They facilitate one of the largest power market in the world. They plan the development of transmission infrastructure that in most cases they own. By EU law, ENTSO-E is responsible for several building blocks of the energy union. To name a few, ENTSO-E is in charge of drafting new EU technical rules for the power system and market – the EU network codes. ENTSO-E is also issuing every two year a pan-European 10-year network development plan to support Europe’s climate objectives. It also manages a European transparency platform making near to real-time grid data accessible to all market participants. ENTSO-E is also advising and making proposals on EU policies impacting the power system taking a European, system and customer view. ENTSO-E supports the energy transition and innovation in power networks.

ENTSO-E members operate, maintain and develop 300 000 km of lines (which laid out circle the earth seven times)


ENTSO-E will perform tasks mainly in Work Package 4 which is related to the development of an architecture enable connection of various platforms in EU by the use of 2 ENTSO-E tools: Operation Planning Data Exchange, its knowledge from Horizon 2020 funded project TDX Assist   and Work Package 9 which relates to upscale and implementation through its relevant member Committees such as Market, Digital and Research and Innovation or the TSO/DSO Group.  ENTSO-E and will also contribute to Work Packages 2, 3. 

ENTSO-E has the technical capacity to perform the project, first through the in-house expertise through the presence of 80 staff people of ENTSO-E can use also the expertise of its other members which are gathered in the Research Development and Innovation Committee and Digital Committee. ENTSO-E is a non-profit organization.