Country: Italy

The European University Institute (EUI) ( is a doctoral and postdoctoral academic institution, created in 1972 by the Member States of the founding European Communities. Its main objective is to provide advanced academic training to Ph.D. students and to promote research at the highest level. It carries out research in a European perspective (fundamental research, comparative research and Community research) in the fields of history, law, economics, political and social science.

Within the EUI, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) is devoted to inter-disciplinary and comparative research and to promote work on major issues facing the process of integration and European society. Its main objectives are to produce research of the highest intellectual quality; to collaborate with other centres of research excellence; to provide opportunities for young scholars working in its key fields; and to promote dialogue with the world of practice. The research agenda is organised by a set of core themes and is continuously evolving, reflecting the changing agenda of European integration and the expanding membership of the European Union.

The Florence School of Regulation was created in 2004 in cooperation with the European Council of Energy Regulators (CEER) and the European Commission. Subsequently, the Loyola de Palacio Chair in European Energy Policy was created in 2008 to respond to the growing importance of energy in the EU policy agenda. Both programs are supported by an important network of European energy companies, aware of the top-quality and independent debate facilitated by the EUI. Today, FSR is a leader in producing analytical and empirical research in the field of regulation and provides a European forum where academics and practitioners meet and share their views and knowledge. In the last couple of years, FSR has devoted significant attention to the topic of Network Codes for electricity and to the Clean Energy Package. An online training with more than 140 participants was organised in Fall 2017 to provide professional training and a forum for discussion on the Network Codes in collaboration with ENTSO-E, ACER, and European Commission. At the end of the course, a technical report of about 100 pages was published, describing the framework and the main elements of the Network Codes. A second edition of the training is expected in Fall 2018. In parallel, FSR is developing an online training on the aspects of the Clean Energy Package most related to electricity markets and their integration at the European level. The training, whose first edition is going to take place in Spring 2018, fill resemble the course on Network Codes in terms of structure and expected outcomes (participation and publication of a technical report).

EUI will mainly contribute to the market and regulatory framework analyses, as well as to the design of the market architecture in WP3. It will be responsible for the connection of the project lessons learnt to the upgrade of the Network Codes, whereas through its network and dissemination activities (workshops organization) will contribute to the overall communication of the project’s results.