Country: Finland
Fingrid is Finland’s transmission system operator. Fingrid secures reliable electricity for its customers and society and shapes the clean, market-oriented power system of the future. Fingrid’s vision is to be a forerunner in transmission system operation. 
Fingrid Oyj is the Transmission System Operator in Finland, which owns and operates the main transmission grid (400 kV-110 kV). Fingrid runs the balancing and reserves market and procures other ancillary services for the power system to keep the balance between consumption and production in real time. Fingrid is responsible for the final imbalance settlement in Finland. Fingrid develops the Finnish retail market by building a national datahub which makes the market more efficient and facilitates creation of new services to the end customers.
Fingrid is one of the key players as regards market development in Finland. Fingrid actively develops balancing and reserve market rules towards more flexible, transparent and efficient functioning of the markets and hence the power system. Fingrid has long history of promoting demand response and using distributed resources from the DSO level. Fingrid’s way of working is to have a continuous open dialogue with the stakeholders.
Fingrid will participate in development of the demonstration tool by defining the use cases for flexibility and their related market rules and procedures. Fingrid will participate in the demonstration of the various use cases.