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Thursday, December 29, 2022

To pave the way for a potential future upscaling of the core development of INTERRFACE, the project consortium developed the Roadmap. This deliverable maps all the challenges and barriers for the Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture (IEGSA) from a technical, market, regulatory and economic point of view.

The document also provides a compact overview of the learnt lessons of all the 7 demonstrators of the project, including the ones which were dealing with congestion management and balancing, with a pan-Eu clearing market, and with peer-to-peer trading.

Based on the analysys, the Roadmap formulated 6 recommendations to find pathways for the replicability and scalability of IEGSA.

  1. Role model definition is a crucial aspect for the interoperability of IEGSA. The proper adoption of role descriptions defined by HEMRM will allow an efficient interaction and coordination among different actors.
  2. Market challenges are inherently tied to the complexity and multiplicity of new and existing products, services, markets, and processes across Europe. While new regulation (e.g., Network Code on DSF) will undoubtedly enable greater compatibility across markets, these new rules may also impose stricter requirements on market platforms. For IEGSA to be scaled up and replicated in the future, a combination of flexible design, customizability and sufficiently powerful algorithms will be required to meet these evolving standards.
  3. Technical challenges require further alignment and compliance with existing and future standardisation activities. Moreover, future IEGSA development should consider alignment with key initiative at EU and International level, such as: DSBA architecture, metadata, IDS information model, etc, to ensure enhanced interoperability.
  4. ICT scalability aspects are perceived as a natural challenge rather than a limitation. During the implementation phase of IEGSA in a pan-European scale, these aspects will certainly be addressed.
  5. Integration with multiple distributed data exchange platforms at cross-border or even at cross-sector level. Is also a necessary step for replicability and scalability of IEGSA. The interconnection of such multiple data-exchange platforms and system aims to release data-driven services among the different business actors.
  6. Regulatory compliance with relevant frameworks is crucial for in replicability and scalability of IEGSA. Regulatory evolutions might also require IEGSA’s adaptability when deemed necessary.

You can read the whole document on the INTERRFACE website.