Country: Serbia
REALAIZ DOO (former CEETEL Beograd DOO Preduzeće za telekomunikacijske usluge ( is a provider of IT services in Belgrade with a rich record of participation in international projects in cooperation with other companies of the EUROPEAN DYNAMICS group. 
REALAIZ operates since 2000, employing today more than 20 experts. REALAIZ designs, develops and supports, for numerous international customers, software solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies and methods. Our focus is on the following:
e-Business (B2C, B2B, B2E, etc.)
workflow, content, document and knowledge management
network management
IT security
Internet of Things
R&D (Research and Development)
The consultants, project managers, software architects and software engineers of the company, design and build software applications customised to the requirements of its clients. Its highly skilled research and development team provides modern solutions covering contemporary business and technology needs.
The service spectrum includes:
Technology and business consulting;
R&D (Research and Development)
Software design;
Software architecture;
Software development;
System integration;
Help Desk;
Corrective, preventive and evolutive maintenance.
Among others, REALAIZ participates in the design and development of the esthesis IoT platform, where it designs various vertical modules using a wide range of sensors.
In addition REALAIZ undertook numerous missions in the field of the integration of IT systems in complex ecosystems, addressing a wide range of elements such as security, robustness, etc. A typical example is work undertaken in the context of the deployment of the Patent management platform for the IP Organisations of the three BENELUX countries.
Realaiz will contribute in Task 4.5 Integrated Platform and Cyber-Security.