Within this Demo Area, the prototypes developed (within IEGSA platform), focusing mostly on congestion management and balancing, will be deployed in three demonstrations. The first will take place in the Italian microgrid and through energy management system and demand response strategies of controllable loads (storage, residential loads, pumping stations) will alleviate microgrid net load variability to the transmission grid, improve the network reliability and increase the RES share of self-consumption. The second demonstration will be situated in Bulgaria by commissioning and operating in a residential area the Intelligent Distribution Node solution, so as to provide grid flexibility with aggregated demand response and load control. Finally, the Single Flexibility Platform will be demonstrated, that will ‘bridge’ together the Baltic and Nordic region countries (Estonia, Latvia and Finland) through one marketplace that will enable the efficient trading of flexibility within the region.

Demo Area 1 comprises of:

  1. “DSO and consumers alliance” Centralised Energy Management System for microgrids.