FLEXITRANSTORE will contribute to forming the path towards a pan-European transmission network characterized by flexibility and cross-border exchanges. It will develop novel smart grid technologies, business models and control techniques aiming to flexibility incorporation. The project takes both a national and a regional approach, acknowledging the need to seamlessly integrate national markets.

INTERFFACE will benefit through implementing and utilizing data management, regulatory framework and business models for cross-border electricity flows.

Website: http://www.flexitranstore.eu




SMARTNET will suggest novel methodologies to enforce the local and national interaction and collaboration between TSOs and DSOs. It will propose interaction schemes, market architectures and ICT solutions contributing to the integration of ancillary services, demand –side management, congestion management and distributed generation. Different ways of information exchange and grid monitoring will be examined to assist a seamless communication between operators.

INTERFACE will benefit through preliminary analysis of the evolution of the ancillary services and of the role DSOs could play in the procurement of them from DER entities connected to distribution networks

Website: http://smartnet-project.eu/