21 Dec 2021

The members of INTERRFACE project consortium selected the 6 innovators that will start developing new, genuine services. The main goal of the winner third party-developers is to implement services...Read more

7 Dec 2021

The core development of INTERRFACE, the Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture (IEGSA) was nominted for the Best Practices award 2021 of Renewable Grid Initiative (RGI).

...Read more

3 Dec 2021

Enlit Europe 2021 provided the opportunity for INTERRFACE to meet its stakeholders interested in the project physically after many...Read more

15 Oct 2021

IEGSA (the Interoperable pan-European Grid Service Architecture) – the core product of the INTERRFACE project - was fully implemented in 3 of the 7 demo sites of the project while its first...Read more

10 Sep 2021

The European initiative for smart energy projects, BRIDGE published its annual brochure which is a comprenehensive guide of the ongoing...Read more

25 Jun 2021

The OPEN DEI cooperation released its newest booklet which gives a comprehensive...Read more