The project includes seven large-scale demonstrators, that will all test in real-life situations (electricity networks in Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece) integrated markets and platforms defined and incorporated in the Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture (IEGSA) such as: the single flexibility platform, demonstrating grid services by distributed flexibilities shared by the TSOs and DSOs in a coordinated manner, for congestion management and balancing in the Baltic region, or the spatial aggregation of technological flexibility platform, that introduces the spatial dimension of DER flexibilities in a jointly set-up innovative wholesale and retail electricity market design, aligned with the pan-European target model.

The demonstration trials will be executed in 3 demo areas (pillars), in the aim to address:

  1. Demo area 1: Congestion management and balancing issues, locally by involving DSOs, DR mechanisms, storage and small scale RES, at system level by integrating TSO/DSO and community and by activating local and cross-border resources to provide flexibility services for system balancing. The expected outcome of this area is to identify the efficiency of using dynamic pricing, to materialise the need of a toolset that offers the optimal call of flexibility sources to solve congestions and balancing and optimise the use of interconnectors between the actors of the energy power system.
  2. Demo area 2: The use of peer to peer transactions for activating flexibility based on free pricing. Within this area relevant use cases will be developed and tested for congestion management and balancing, so as to assess the role of peer to peer transactions in future electricity market design and estimate the cost-efficiency they can bring.
  3. Demo area 3: The necessity of an integrated retail and wholesale market which will be based on the existing Pan-EU wholesale market and will consider the DER/prosumers/storage/other assets in order to couple it with the retail market, with the objective of increasing the cost efficiency and aiming at creating consumers benefits.

A detailed description of the Demo areas is also included in the ENERGY PILOTS EXPLORER 2021 booklet by OPEN DEI.