Country: Slovenia
The Energy Agency - Agencija za energijo (AGEN-RS) has been the Slovenian regulatory authority for the energy market since 2001. The new Energy Act, adopted in 2014, brought greater independence, more powers, a new organization, and operation rules for AGEN-RS. AGEN-RS monitors, directs and supervises the energy services providers in the area of electricity and gas, and performs the regulatory tasks related to supply of heat and other energy gases. It is a legal person under public law, independent in carrying out its tasks. 
AGEN-RS establishes conditions that encourage regulated companies to improve performance and investments. It supervises and monitors the implementation of regulated activities by determining the right balance between the quality of supply and prices for regulated services and promotes the efficient and sustainable use of existing infrastructure. It ensures the transparency and openness of the regulatory process. It cooperates in the preparation and amending of the rules and general acts regulating market operation, and promotes transparency and non-discrimination.
AGEN-RS is continuously improving the regulation of the energy market in accordance with the best professional practice. It participates in the creation of the internal energy market at a regional level.
The tasks of AGEN-RS can be summarized in the following areas:
regulation of the network activities, which covers economic regulation of all electricity and gas system operators and the regulation of the network with respect to issuing consents to the general acts,
regulation of the supply of heat and other energy gases,
ensuring a reliable supply of natural gas,
promoting the production of electricity from renewable sources and cogeneration,
promoting efficient use of energy,
monitoring of electricity and natural gas market,
supervising the providers of energy operators' activities,
protecting the rights of consumers.
International activities of AGEN-RS mainly include active and direct participation in cooperation with European regulators, Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER), European Commission in order to develop a coherent regulatory framework for cross-border trade, competition, and investments as well as in matters related to the development of the internal energy market, projects of common interest (PCI) and methodologies concerned and evaluation of these investments, and with the certification of the system operator;
AGEN-RS main role will be to contribute to the analysis of the market design of the energy system and the definition of the market perspective that will lead to the design of new services to enhance the envisioned TSO-DSO-customer cooperation. Besides, AGEN-RS will monitor different activities, contribute with consultancy and will be joining the scheduled consortium meetings.