Country: Latvia
AS "Augstsprieguma tīkls" is an independent Transmission System Operator, which operates the electric power transmission network and ensures security of electric power supply in Latvia. AST missions is providing power transmission services based on the published transmission service tariffs and providing free third-party access to the transmission network. Responsibilities of AST include:
  • Development of transmission network and secure interconnection with neighboring power systems;
  • Operational control of power flows in the transmission network, ensuring exchanges of power with neighboring power systems;
  • Operational control of the power generation equipment connected to the transmission network;
  • Supplying distribution network with energy in required amounts and according to the power quality requirements;
  • Ensuring power supply security and stability of the transmission system;
  • Provision of non-discriminating conditions on the transmission system usage for all transmission system users;
  • Control procedures ensuring coordinated operation of power system;
  • Provision of the information on the web-site, according to legislative requirements of EU.
The Baltic countries have a long history of close regional cooperation on TSO level. The continuous system/ market integration is one of the key objectives within Baltic TSO cooperation. One notable achievement is common Baltic balancing market, which has started the operation on 1st of January 2017. Currently Baltic countries are working towards full integration of system flexibility services in Baltic electricity markets. Development of flexibly service markets in the Baltics are especially important due to upcoming desynchronization from the Unified power system of Russia.
Given the small size of national markets it is expected that cross-border exchange of these services would not only benefit system security, but would accelerate the flexibility service market development and benefit all market participants. Baltic TSOs see developing a common platform for flexibility service exchange as an opportunity to further strengthen the ties between the Baltic energy markets.