Country: Estonia
Elering AS is a transmission system operator whose main task is to ensure the sustainable functioning of security of electricity and gas supply as vital services. Elering maintains and develops national transmission network and external connections. Elering operates the Estonian electricity and gas systems in real time, ensuring the functioning of the transmission network as well as a balancing the system. To this end, fast and competent decisions are continuously required in order to ensure the stable functioning of the energy system.
To ensure long-term security of supply and energy security, we are working towards joining the energy markets currently partly still isolated from Europe with the rest of Europe. To this end Elering’s priorities include desynchronizing the Estonian electricity system from the Russian one and accordingly developing further current regional balancing market as well as creating new reserve markets. In this goal, the involvement of the flexibility resources from TSO and DSO level plays the key role for increasing the liquidity of current balancing market, as well as introducing new reserve products and system services to the markets.
The central background for our operations is an open electricity market. We are aware of our responsibility for ensuring the functioning of the electricity market and ensure equal treatment of all electricity market participants. Whereas efficient regional Nordic-Baltic electricity wholesale market is there, our next goal is contributing to development of retail market and customer engagement. To serve this Elering has started to establish a data exchange platform called Estfeed.
In accordance with the vision of Elering, we look for and develop new business lines for making the Estonian energy sector more innovative and competitive through development of a competence center. The competence center encompasses active participation in research and development projects, promotion of energy education and raising of general awareness of energy-related key issues.
Elering will be leading the development of demonstration tool “Single Flexibility platform” in work package 5. This will include mainly defining the use cases for flexibility and developing the market framework suitable for the whole Baltic-Finnish region. Elering will be coordinating the work and contributing the tasks between TSOs and DSOs as well as technical developers and universities who are part of this demonstration group.   When market design for use cases is developed the platform architecture and prototype will be done. Elering will coordinate the platform technical development, although development itself will be mainly done by a software and development company.
The developed use cases and market framework will be tested and demonstrated in the platform in the real market and Elering will take part of this demonstration in various use cases.
Elering will also contribute to other WPs work in order to develop market and a roadmap for flexibility services for the whole Europe and contribute to development of common pan-European architecture.  This project is well in line with Elering’s strategy which places market development, data management and customer involvement high in its agenda.