Country: Greece

MYTILINEOS SA is one of the leading industrial companies in Greece, with activities in Metallurgy, EPC, Electric Power and Gas Trading. MYTILINEOS expanded its activities to the Electric Power sector in 2001 and during the last ten years, the Company has been established as the dominant independent energy producer in Greece, by carrying out a €1 billion investment plan in energy assets and taking on a leading role in the deregulation of the Greek energy market, which opens up significant prospects for Greek businesses and the Greek economy at large. The vision of unlocking the potential of the energy sector in Greece is a priority for MYTILINEOS. The Company has a broad range of vertically integrated operations in the energy sector in place, from the construction and operation of power plants to the trade of natural gas and the supply of electricity and gas to end-consumers.

MYTILINEOS owns and operates an energy portfolio of a total installed capacity of 1300 MW (thermal and RES plants), while it is also active in the electricity and gas supply (through Protergia, the brand name of MYTILINEOS Electric Power Sector), aiming to provide electricity and gas to companies and households and to satisfy the customers’ needs for competitive prices and modern, reliable services.

The energy portfolio of MYTILINEOS consists of:

  • 1.2 GW from 3 modern CCGT plants in operation
  • 130 MW from RES plants in operation
  • Trading license for 310 MW of electricity
  • Supply license for 500 MW of electricity
  • CO2 Emissions Trading Platform
  • Natural Gas Contract Management – Supply

As an electricity producer established through private investments in cutting-edge power plants, MYTILINEOS boasts an in-depth knowledge of the electricity market and is constantly carrying out environmentally friendly investments, helping to bolster employment and the national economy.



The company is a leading energy supplier in the SEE and will assist in the analysis assessment of customers’ needs. Also it will provide generation, end-customer data and expertise as a major energy market stakeholder in the pan EU market demo as well as contribute to the evaluation of impact